Another Month Another Paseo (de Todos)

Nice mural

Nice mural

It’s been a while for us, but we finally went back to lovely Mexico for Paseo de Todos.

Once again, the motorists were mighty kind, much kinder than Americans its “Finest City” which strives to “stay classy” and thus Mexican motorists are fine indeed.

The ride was fun, but (luckily) this time, fairly uneventful.

I spent a lot of time talking to my friends about how great the ride is.

Also, I realized that riding in Tijuana at night is a lot like ice skating. It smells the same as the Zamboni. The air is actually cold–similar in temperature to skating. Thus, one should definitely button up. Just because it’s Mexico does not mean that it’s going to be warm at night. In fact, it was cooler than many places in San Diego so be warned. Also, it felt a bit like skating because we were cycling. The only big difference is that I didn’t have the lame-ass butterflies in my stomach that I had when I was a teenager as the main purpose of ice skating is to hook up with the other skaters. 🙂

After the ride, we went to a taco stand where we got yelled at for drinking on the street. Oops. I don’t follow a lot of rules, but I definitely make it a habit to follow all the laws in a foreign country.

Then we went back to the hotel for the usual late night conversation like we do with all close friends who don’t have narcolepsy. 🙂

The discussion was very good especially when we revealed our findings of the faked data of the Cross study which I had mentioned in other posts.

It was really, really awesome to hang out with people who understood the significance of this immediately. Contrast this with people who continue to make up their own version of reality and call the rest of us who actually read studies “superstitious.”

These kinds of things are seen in a book I mentioned before, _You Are Not Smart_. I got it from the library, and I started reading it.
It’s fun to read, but pretty depressing. On the other hand, since I am working on humility this week, it’s a good for me.

Anyway, the next day, we took a long walk around Mexico, with our bicycles. We found the holy grail of food which is Chinese-Mexican which we’ll try next time.

Since we got lost–but it wasn’t scary at all–getting home required us to cross this strange Mad Max style pedestrian bridge with no sides on the stairs. They just let you fall one story if you slip.

It crossed this large cement slab of a river which had a tiny trickle of water in it.

Finally, we had to wait in line for a long, long time. The pedestrian line snaked back really far. But it seemed to go fast as the local entertainment was quite good.

I can’t wait to go back.

Border Crossing Tijuana to San Diego

Border Crossing Tijuana to San Diego


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