I Met a Tourer!

Yes, my commute often gets lonely because there is usually nobody around.

However, there’s one guy who passes me many times, who always says hello. I have gone on some rides with him, but never got to know him well.

Also, there are the various other cyclists I see.

A few days ago, I caught up to a cyclist, which is really rare.

Usually, I pass someone first, so I don’t startle them, then I turn and say “hi”.

However, my princess has given me detailed lessons on how the do’s and don’t’s of talking to strange women in the streets. Thus, in general, I only say “hi” when it’s appropriate.

This time, it wasn’t so I stayed silent.

I was hoping to pass the cyclist so I didn’t freak her out.

Imagine riding, alone, on a dark road and some guy trails you. Not good.

Unfortunately, our paces were perfectly matched when it came to climbing. Perhaps it was due to the fact that my chain was messed up as stated in an earlier post.

Also, she had no back nor front light which is kind of dangerous on this road. Thus, it wasn’t totally bad with my front light illuminating the road and my back blinky (hopefully) seen by cars.

One thing that thrilled me was that she had two largish panniers which meant that she was probably on tour. Cool! But still no reason to be annoying so I squelched the urge to ask her the usual questions that tourers get so sick of answering.

Then my friend, Mike, rode by me yelling his usually, “hi”.

“Hi, Mike,” I said.

The girl turned and asked me what I said. I told her that I was talking to Mike.

She didn’t comprehend me, and she said a bunch of other stuff.

I didn’t hear anything because the road was so noisy. Also, the bike lane got really narrow in places which prevented me from riding next to her.

Finally, we got out of the valley and up to the (a little bit) quieter City Heights.

We chatted for a bit at each light. She asked if her light was out, and I told her that it was. Also, we discussed her tour a little. Finally, I sensed she might need some help so I offered.

She politely declined. “I’m meeting some friends who are waiting for me.”

That’s a really good answer though perhaps not true.

Still, I don’t blame her for not coming over though in touring it’s less uncommon than you would think.

When I got home, I recounted the story to my princess. The first thing she asked is, “Did you invite her over?”

Haha, she, too, was excited to meet someone on tour which is always a rare sight even in San Diego which is the terminus of many East and West tours and a stop on many North and South ones.

We love tourers so much, we are even contemplating getting a bigger place so we can put some up, comfortably. 🙂


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