Bike Summit: More Gems and a Scarlet Dot

We had a session where we were to give our ideas on how to make cycling great in California. After lunch, we were to vote on these ideas. I only wrote down a fraction of the shiny gems.

They stated by talking about how transportation budgets actually distort our communities because we wind up focusing on how to spend the money we have instead of what we want our community to look like. For example, if 80% of the money is for motoring and bridges only, that’s what we are going to get. So we should make the budgets more flexible to remedy this problem.

We can also work on fixing existing roads instead of building new ones. Personally whenever they are making new roads, I do envision everything paved over. I did see some of that, last night, in Mission Valley which is essentially all pavement with a few tiny buildings in between cars which are moving really quickly.

There were many more ideas. My friend said that he endorsed all of them. However, we had one vote AGAINST an idea.

I did vote against the studying of health effects of cycling infrastructure because I don’t like ANY kind of metric or microscope put on cycling only.

I noticed, in the past, that this is one good way to kill something: to study it to death. The more info, only, on a single thing, the more risk it will be canceled.

I would have been happy if they looked at the health effects of ALL modes. However, I can only vote on what is in front of me.

During lunch, another friend asked me why I voted against this idea, and I explained, but she said that I misunderstood.

My friends wanted to vote against me!

Indeed there were some people who walked around with negative votes, the scarlet red dot, on their name tags. đŸ™‚


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