Bike Summit: Long Beach

I am often accused (by San Diegans) of being too provacative.

Yet, I see that in some of the speeches, the people are even more provacative in some sense. Thus, I don’t agree with the tone 100%, but I must have some partial agreement because I did write down the comments. 🙂

I really enjoyed the speech from Charles of Long Beach.

I had recently seen what great things they are doing there including the first, downtown, cycle track. Indeed, there is a cycle track in San Diego by Friars Road. However, this is a high speed road, and unlike the Copenhagen style cycle track of Long Beach.

Charles showed how it’s necessary to have a goal and an aspiration which is something that I have said, for years, that we are severely lacking. I have some more quotes from a number of speakers so I will fondly call them all “he”.

Government and planners of Long Beach aspire to make it the “Best Bike City in the World”. I loved to hear that. I think we should all aim so high.

Much economic redevelopment was done in Long Beach due to modest spending on bicycles.

Those complaining about the small space devoted to bicycles are “highway alarmists”.

“California is on the verge of [bicycle] greatness.”

“The highway lobby thinks that it owns the roads, and that they are only concerned about ‘slow traffic'”.

But when a cyclist (or anyone else) is hit, it really slows down traffic. 🙂

Now that we are entering an era of fewer resources, we are going to finally be free of the tyrrany of wealth.

Most arguments against cycling spending make no sense, and are often “made up on the spot.”

Overally, we should work with the Highway Lobby aka AAA and friends, in order to make the roads better because we are entering a time of decreased wealth but increased road users.

It was highly refreshing to go a meeting and to hear my own language, what I expected from advocates all along.


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