Making Everyone Happy

Before I post my main post, I wanted to link to this:

We’re all wrong.

Because I believe this article, and know that I can never be objective, I don’t even try. I live in a subjective world people!

Since we can’t be rational (what does that even mean), we should embrace the irrational and live in a fuzzy world of feelings. 🙂

Back to the scheduled program.

Sometimes, it’s stupid to try to make everyone happy, but then there are those brilliant flashes where you realize that actually it’s easy to do, sometimes!

Now, I know that there will be objections to this plan, but they will be ad hoc arguments just because like above, we are all idiots who believe what we believe and the hell with the “facts”.

The idea is infrastructure that everyone loves: cyclists, motorists, pedestrians, and even VCers.

Here’s the notion:

Since many drivers, especially in SD, love, love, love to ride in the bike land and gutter and hate to take the second lane, why not put the bike lane in the center of the road?

On nearly any street in SD there’s a center part of the road that’s almost never used.

This area is relatively free of trash.

It also can be protected by double yellow lines because there’s the notion that San Diegans won’t cross a yellow line even to give a cyclist some space. Let’s put the yellow line between ourselves and the world.

We are in the exact middle of the road. If “taking the lane” in the VC world, is good, taking the fucking center of the road must be best.

Also, we are free of bike salmon. They will continue to ride on the wrong side of the road on the shoulder.

Let them have it. Leave them alone.

We’re now in the center of the road.

Also, there’s no more right hook, and no merges as we are all ready in the center.

Green arrows are for left turns only. Cyclists will wait behind the crosswalk line and thus be safe from the left hook. If we want to turn left, we are all ready in the right lane so no crossing two lanes which hurt my friend the other day.

The only objection to this is that people aren’t used to it.

Well guess what, people aren’t used to a lot of things, but we can all learn.

We aren’t all retards who’s minds can’t adapt. So that whole last argument was insulting.

Also, for motorists who don’t know we aren’t supposed to be there, they won’t hit us. We are protected by a double yellow line.

Oh, and we are to paint in huge letters BIKE LANE all over the bike lane just in case someone says, “get out of the middle of the road and into the bike lane”, we now get to mock their idiot reading comprehension (or lack thereof).

So there you go, a perfect solution to a problem that was created due to ignorance and stupidity in the first place.

Don’t all thank me at once.

Wait behind the double yellow line! 🙂


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