What Does it Mean to Be A Real Advocate?

Princess started this discussion last night and we had yet another very interesting topic at our household.

Since I have been studying language, I am suspicious of certain words where people have differing opinions on.

That’s because words map onto reality, and when people disagree about a word, they are really disagreeing about something more fundamental.

For example, when one argues over “What is God”, people are really arguing over who has authority to speak for God. Once you unmask this, your realize that this isn’t like debating a word in scrabble, but rather it’s a struggle for power.

As for advocacy, to me, it’s like feminism and women. Everyone wants one, but nobody wants to say that they are feminists.

Likewise, I feel that advocacy has gotten some bad press. Heck, it’s happening now with Occupy Wall Street which is obvious an attempt to gain economic justice, something that we all agree upon in principle, yet the protesters are treated like aliens. And there are countless movies such as “I Heart the Huckabees” which portray advocates as selfish losers and bad poets.

Note that I am using the word broadly. In a debate over the meaning of a word, there are lumpers (who want to make the word mean many things) and splitters (who like a narrow definition).

It’s usually the splitters who dash to the dictionary to narrow down the meaning.

My point of view?

I don’t really think that the meanings of words are so important–I’d like to move beyond that.

One method of doing this is to blow up the word. That is to refuse to accept it to mean something. Instead of using the word, put a bunch of words to mean what you think that word means.

For me, a cycling advocate is someone who wants cycling to be better for themselves, and they’d like to share their experiences with others.

Thus, I guess this makes all of us cyclist bloggers, advocates, in some way. Save for the VC bloggers, though, as they want to DISCOURAGE people from riding unless they kiss His Holiness’s ring.

Anyway, anyone who promotes cycling as being a fun thing to do, where you don’t have to take a class, is an advocate.

Anyway, the word for the day is ADVOCATE.

Tomorrow’s post is going repeat the old saw that “Death is not dangerous”. We’ll explain how safety means rinding in a style where you maximize the chance of getting run over and dying, but minimizes the chance that you skin your knee. šŸ™‚


2 Responses to “What Does it Mean to Be A Real Advocate?”

  1. Sam Says:

    I think you mean “His Holiness’ butt hole”

    • Fred Says:

      Trying to be nice here, but yes, the mockery is too much fun!

      Trying to act “adult” is a terrible reason to forego the pleasures of making fun of people! šŸ™‚

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