Get the F— Out!

One of the main reasons why I live in City Heights is because it has a tiny strip of land set aside for children to play.

This is tiny, about half a city block, and it probably serves from four to eight square blocks.

Next to it, is a mammoth soccer field which is so huge that a good portion of it is left idle, like a farmer’s field.

The field is also used by children for recess which is great. I used to play on a concrete parking lot so to see children in the “ghetto” playing on a huge grassy field, makes me smile.

But for the rest of the community with their spontaneous play, there’s only a tiny sliver of concrete. This includes skateboarding, smoking weed, making out, and more.

I can’t over-estimate how cool this tiny pedestrianized area is in San Diego.

For starters, it’s quiet.

A lot of people who come here have a really great time, which is nice, but it puts some kind of rose colored goggles on a person.

If you live here long enough you realize that it’s really LOUD outside. Like everywhere.

This kind of offsets the benefits we have regarding the great weather.

Anyway, this tiny strip of paradise reminds me of the other fantastic neighborhood that I wanted to live in which is Jackson Heights in Queens, NYC.

In both places, there was a good mix of races as well as a generous amount of children playing by themselves which makes for a solid community.

Another place that this strip of paradise reminds me of is The Promenade in Santa Monica.

Overall, the number of people who enjoy this tiny strip of land if much more than the normal streets. It’s totally safe as it has a strong police presence.

For these reasons, I ride through there everyday.

I realize that I am the “old guy.”

Mostly, the children and I ignore one another, though I do smile to myself because I so love to see skateboarding.

The few times I had contact with the kids, it’s been positive.

One time, they saw my basket loaded with beer, and they said, “party at his house.”

I replied, “everyday’s a party at my house.”

The other time, the kids were in my way while I was walking my bicycle, heavily loaded with library books, and I said excuse me to someone in my way.

The other kids said, “Hey! Get out of his way. Show some manners.”

Today, though, I had the best experience ever.

The promenade was so crowded with moms, skaters, skater groupies, and children, that I walked my bicycle.

I realized that there was a car going through the area. Now, I realize that it’s possible for vehicles to go through the area. There are routine police cars and service vehicles which are there on official business.

But this was a civilian car and the skaters were having none of it.

“Get the fuck out of here!” they said.

I was shocked!

They went up to the police and reported the car.

The police said, “We all ready talked with them.”

I was so proud.

One of a sign of a strong community is the willingness of adults who are not the child’s parent to reprimanding these kids.

How strong is a community when the children reprimand non-parent adults?


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