Elitist Cyclists

Today, I was thinking of the whole notion of the elitist cyclist.

I think the whole thing is quite funny.

For example, McCain called cycling elitist and he called for defunding of cycling. This is so silly because if you look around you wonder if cycling is funded at all.

It’s as if I were calling you on the phone asking for the check I sent you back. Confused? Because I never did send you any money.

Still, I am having a great deal of fun with the notion that cycling is some how privilidged. I’m really interested in who comes up with this stuff.

I mean, McCain is a white male.

When you think about an elitist, what do you think of? I think of white males.

So a white male is now criticizing white males? That could be cool if were criticizing us for being assholes or something which many of us brats are. On the other hand, riding a bicycle hardly makes me an asshole.

I find it funny that Republicans are trying to stoke the hatred of the upper class and convert it to hatred of cyclists. Then again, Warren Buffet and William Gates III attended my last group ride so who am I to judge.

Perhaps McCain should get his ass on a bike and start networking! 🙂

To look deeper, I went to the source of all transportation knowledge, Tom Vanderbuilt.

He talked a lot about in-group and out-group attitudes which was awesome.

“The dark side of the “cyclist” label is that it becomes a shortcut to social categorization.”

As a Star Wars fan, I always rooted for the “dark side” so I am totally on board with this image.

Also, there are articles like this hate screed.

I totally loved it especially about being a “hazard.” Oh, I’m sorry to be slow and on the road. I guess all slow people should be killed like grandma. Note, the last sentence is sarcasm; I love my and your grandma.

Best line: “I am incredibly tired of cyclists with their holier-than-thou because-I’M-not-polluting attitudes.”

It would suck for a cyclist to have a good feeling about themselves for something that is factually correct.

Also, note that though society embraces the bbf attitude: “blame bicyclists first”, stats show that in the majority of accidents, cyclists were following the law and that motorists were at fault.

Finally, I am going to note that it’s not so much that I feel superior to motorists because I bicycle, but rather I feel superior to nearly every other human on the planet for a myriad of reasons that I don’t want to get into here.

Cycling is just the tip of the tip of the iceberg. 🙂


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