Cycling Guilt

Regular cyclists may be able to relate to this bizarre problem: we can’t really talk too much about cycling to non-cycling friends.

Aside from the notion of trying to avoid topics that my listeners can’t relate to, I also try to avoid talking about cycling because many of my motorist friends have this guilty look on their face.

Ug, it’s a conversation, not a guilt trip.

What’s worse is that often people ask me how the cycling is.

The only worse thing than talking to non-cyclists about cycling is talking to actual cyclists about cycling.

We have all read the same books such as _Traffic_ by Tom Vanderbuilt, so there’s nothing new to be said unless you do tons of research like my princess. 🙂

However, there is on crowd pleaser and that’s VC cyclists.

I never get sick of the look of doubt, surprise, then horror when I relate the damage to cycling that VC Quislings have done to San Diego and beyond.

Despite the fact that most of us know that we live in a representative republic, most people don’t realize the huge relationship there is between the most vocal advocates and our built environment.

Most people seem to think that the city is a static thing which was built a long time ago by more intelligent aliens and that it will never change again.

The reality is that the environment is an ever shifting, ever plastic thing, and we all have far more control over it than we believe.

I think that we don’t like to admit this because doing so makes us more responsible to how things are going now, and that’s scary for most.


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