Are All Those Extra Pounds Putting You At Risk For Diabetes?

I got the subject line as an email today, and I was thinking, “Is my health insurance company calling me a fatass?”

Not that it bothers me. For mergegue, you need some kind of ass for your information Kaiser. Also, who the F would name their insurance company after the German leader who lead the country to total failure in WWI, the factor which lead up to Hitler.

I can see the ads now, “We’re not Hitler, we’re the dude before him!” 🙂

This leads me to the actual point of this post which is one of the biggest negative and wrong stereotypes about cyclists is that they lack a sense of humor.

Sure, there are tons of humorless assholes in our world, but they are there to MAKE FUN OF. 🙂

I know what you are thinking, and you are wrong: Why do they not laugh at my jokes.

If it’s the joke that I call the ONE JOKE then the reason is because it’s more stale than Red Skelton. We’ve heard it.

Also, because it’s doesn’t follow proper humor protocol. Jay Leno once said that he wants nothing to do with humor that mocks the poor and powerless because why kick someone when they are down? He is aware the the notion of “superiority” based humor, but he is above that kind of lame ass stuff.

Just think, who’s funner Ann Coulter and Rush Limbagh or every other comedian on the planet. Most of us like the later especially cyclists.

So if you are going to tell a joke, make it really original.

Can you mock cyclists? I don’t know, can you make fun of your own sister? What about other people making fun of her?

The fact is that I love cycling humor so much, that I think that a cycling humor blog is one of the funniest blogs ever.

So please, please, mock and tease me. I love the attention. Just put a little effort and originality into the jokes.


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