Mean Streets Page

As you probably know, complete streets passed a few years ago.

However, cyclists realize that stats and standards which have been created by motorists do not make truly “complete streets”. I mean these are the people who’s transportation system kills more people than any other means of getting around. Heck, they kill more Americans than terrorists and wars combined!

Thus, we need some better standard to what a complete street really is. Something softer and more human is in order.

I’m currently working on a page about mean streets. I’m going to make it a page and not a post because I need something a bit more permanant, and yet something that will be updated just like my badass Quisling page is.

Today, I started myComplete streets page.

Ultimately, there are going to be at least two broad categories:

1. Things in instrinsic to the street

2. Cyclists reaction to #1

For now, I’m going to just list everything:

1. Do not need to wear flashing lights nor yellow vests to be safe. 🙂

2. Do not need to “sprint”, EVER, to feel safe. You can go at your own speed and feel fine. For me this is sub-eight miles an hour.

3. Feel OK about having a 7 year old to ride with you.

I’m sure that there are many other ideas, but I’m a bit bored of this now so I’ll come back to it later.


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