Riding Sick

Before I start, I’d like to say that over 30 years of SD cycling has been based upon this study:

Cross Study Part 2: WARNING BIG PDF

If you carefully read the study as well as the “safety” literature, you’ll find a lot of cool findings that will make you feel like Columbo or something. But your not because other people beat you to the punch. Still, a good read if you are stuck on a desert island and the other person there is not very attractive. 🙂

One of my biggest fears on cycling is actually getting stuck somewhere when I’m too sick to ride home.

Note, that this has never happened. The worse I felt was after surgery, and I always had a ride home.

Sometimes when I feel a bit sick in the morning, I’ll elect to stay home even though I tell myself that if I could drive to work, I’d go. Hard to say whether this is totally true, though.

Then, this morning, I recalled that Friday evening in South Philly. It was pretty chilly, and I was sick as a dog. A whole weekend to recover right? I mean, it was dark all ready, too.

No, princess wanted me to help her get some “free” mirror. Ug.

Of course, since we walked everywhere this meant several blocks of walking to the house, getting the mirror–which was pretty nice, but heavy–and walking home with it.

As I walked home, I got hotter and hotter, despite the cold. So then I had sweat AND chilly air. God, I love East Coast winters!

When I got home, I found that I could breathe better. I recovered, the next day, faster than I thought possible.

I figured that perhaps the excercise actually did me good especially being out of breathe which got air into my lower lungs. Nurses often do the same thing with a cheap plastic gadget which usually gets taken straight from the storage room to the meal try to the trash.

Not many people want to blow into a piece of plastic and watch a little ball move up and down. 🙂

This morning, I had those two flashbacks, and I decided to ride to work.

Despite being “off wheels” for only three days, riding was so fun. It was like seeing an old friend again!

The whole ride was a total joy.


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