Libertarian Case of Bicycle Lanes

WARNING: This is a political rant. Thus it was fun to write.

All views are held be me. Any attempt to argue will make me dig my trench a little deeper…

Like all belief systems, libertarianism has some good ideas and some bad ideas.

One of the bad ideas is that they do what Buddhists call “clinging to views”. In this case, they think that they have the Truth and thus all who disagree are idiots.

Anyone who ordered pizza with more than two geniuses will realize that even really smart people disagree on the most trivial things. Anchovies are totally awesome people. 🙂

The good “idea” of libertarianism is freedom.

This basically depends upon what the speaker wants as libertarians tend to be highly selfish.

This leads me to their second idea which I agree with which is selfishness as I am selfish, too. 🙂

Typical libertarians, though, differ from me in many ways. After 911, they were fearful so they wanted Big Daddy Govt to go to war for them and for everyone to pay for it.

They drive cars so they want free roads and parking paid for by all of us.

They are usually successful with stocks so they are in favor of corporate subsidies.

They do not ride bicycles too often, though so they do not think that bike infrastructure is necessary.

Yes, there’s a whole moronic notion that cyclists don’t need anything from the government. Some even go as far as to say that bike lanes are “hand outs” and “special favors”.

Well, I think that they should shut-up because why would I refuse a “special favor”?

It’s a typical double standard of selfish people to hold everyone else to a bizzare level of generosity.

But they had me at “freedom” and “selfish” so let’s just stop there.

I’d say right now that, overall, the government made things harder for cyclists, and that anything that they build right now is not a “special favor”, but rather it’s payback of what they had taken from us from the start.

For example, every freeway is a barrier to cyclists. Do we have the same mobility now that they are built? No. What did they do to rectify this? Nothing.

Everytime a road is widened, the speed is higher and less people bike.

Taking the lane is idiotic and dangerous which is why nobody does it. Plus, it does not pass the hamburger test.

In the UK, the top meat inspector said that beef is safe to eat. A reporter shoved a burger in his face and asked him to feed it to his seven year old child. He refused.

Actions speak louder than words. Plus, I’m a bit slow on readig comp, I learn by watching others and by doing.

When I get two VC folks to have their kids protect me in front and in back on my daily commute, I will believe them. Otherwise, it’s all words on a computer screen.

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