Biking Economics

I had a long slow leak all week. I had to blow up tire every morning before work and every evening.

Nothing worked. I couldn’t find it. Changing the tube didn’t help.

Finally, I found out that the problem is a bad tire, the wire on the edge actually cut my inner tubes.

So I went to the bike shop this morning. Total cost was $40.

Compared w/ driving a U-Haul where I had to put in $40 every few hours, $40 dollars every six months is pocket change.

Yet many seem to think that my $1000 bicycle is too expensive because I could get a car for less.

Not really. I mean I could have a hunk of steel that’s car shaped, but could I keep it running for more than 5 minutes w/o spending thousands more?

No. I did that before. Heck, I paid $700 for insurance alone for a year for a car I didn’t even drive!

That much for something that gets me around for YEARS is a total bargain.

So I don’t get it. Bikes are too expense, I guess.

Anyway, fixed my tire; it looks great.

As per Oprah’s advice, I treated my despair wit food. 🙂

Now I’m off for a fun ride: to work.


2 Responses to “Biking Economics”

  1. Aaron Garland Says:

    I can’t help, but think that Oprah’s advice will work out much better for those of us who burn off those extra calories by riding our bike.

    • Fred Says:

      I was just kidding about Oprah; I’m not sure that’s really her advice because, I don’t keep up with her. When her show was on, I really, really wanted to be on it to promote my novel. Now that she’s off the air, I wonder what’s she’s up to.

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