Like Not Equals

Before I write my actual post, I’d like to share this link:

Mediation Flash Mob

I usually think that flash mobs are kind of dumb, and now due to my philly connections, pretty scary.

But a spontaneous group meditation is awesome. I can’t imagine how much better the energy was while that was going on.

Meditation has such a great effect on the mind.

Speaking of the mind, I’ve been thinking about how the human mind takes real world experiences and turns them into meaning through mental filters.

This isn’t a really sinister thing, it’s how higher level intelligence deals with the world, and it is responsible for all of our best art, philosophy, and culture.

However, when we are not aware of the process, we can sometimes substitute what we want with what we think we want. I think that this happens most often with modern inventions such as modern transportation because our minds did not evolve to solve these problems.

An example is high speed driving. People really want to drive fast. But they don’t–well some do, but they are in NASCAR.

When you talk to people, they really want two things more than speed which are being on time and safety.

With all the obsession with safety, from the demonization of walking in the street (jaywalking) to the hour long rants based upon the seconds lost passing cyclists, you’d think that most would favor lower speed limits.

But they don’t because they fear not being on time. And loss of control is as large of a fear as is safety.

But the real problem isn’t speed nor safety, but rather getting somewhere on time. Thus, if we figured out ways to get people places faster while driving slower, it would be a win/win.

Parking is another huge obsession for many people, and rightly so. If you can’t park reasonably close to something then you can’t get there at all and that reduces choices and increases frustration. But again, the point is to get there and not find storage for your vehicle. Most people in San Diego have free parking at home all ready.

Another example is “taking the lane” or driving in traffic. The real concern is getting places “comfortably and safely” rather than mixing it up with traffic.

Only a lunatic would assert that the zenith of “safety” is getting close to fast moving obstacles which would kill you with a minutes of distraction. On the road, we all are, motorists, pedestrians, and pogo sticks, are all a single text message away from death.

So again, the real issue is not “taking the lane” but fuzzer feeling terms as well as “the ability to choose my own route.”

This whole confusion of what people want is referred to in nursing theory as having an “unmet need.”

Patients aren’t always able to verbalize what they _really_ need so it’s the nurses (and advocates) job to figure out what that is and to satisfy people’s real, emotional needs.

Even some bully trying to dominate a conversation is really just someone who is struggling to be heard and understood.

The problem is that when people latch onto the idea that they _think_ will solve their problems to the detriment to themselves and everyone else.

The only ways to stop them are amazing rhetorical skills and the judicious use of physical force. 🙂


2 Responses to “Like Not Equals”

  1. Aaron Garland Says:

    I like your observations.

  2. Aaron Garland Says:

    I like your observations.

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