Gratitude: Food and Beer

Miho Gastrotruck (food truck)

Best food in San Diego


One of the differences between San Diego and Philly is that Philadelphia had a great variety of food, but the best food was found in fine dining, like you’d expect.

San Diego has some really good food, too, but the BEST food in the city can often (not always) be found from a truck.

Miho Gastrotruck is one such example. The prices are really fair for what you get.

Usually the trucks park outside of bars which allow you to bring the food in. Some even give you drink tickets!

If you see one of these trucks, and you have time, do NOT pass it up.

In other news, last weekend, there was supposed to be a ride to Mission Brewery which I often pass on my bombing down Linda Vista Hill posts.

Last Friday, we were supposed to go there (I thought) so I showed up there.

Of course, there were two Mission Breweries!

The other one is on L and 12th!
I told that to my friend, who’s a vegan, and he said getting brew pubs mixed up shows how amazing of a beer town this is when there are so many places that brew that you get them mixed up! It’s like having so many vegan options in SD that like you get names of the vegan cup cake places mixed up.

Good point.



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