Bicycle Nomenclature

Apparently, there’s a trend to naming one’s bicycle.

I actually have a really hard time with that. I mean, if you want to name your bicycle, what do I care?

On the other hand, I don’t know the purpose of this. I have a really hard time coming up with names for my computers. So the less things I have to name the better.

However, I finally figured out a name for my bicycle. Of course, instead of being simple, I decided for a polymorphic name.

Thus, you can insert the name of the biggest, baddest, worst dictator, killer, or devil. These things change from week to week and so will my bicycle name.

Why the hell would I connect something so horrible to something that I am so attached to?

Probably because some people level the same hatred towards bicycles that they will normally direct towards murderous dictators.

The funniest thing about this bile is when it comes to spending on bicycles. As I pointed out before, it’s almost zip.

Whenever someone wants to spend a dime on cycling, a tiny sliver of motorists act as if we are committing genocide or something.

As a good friend said, “cycling is a very humble form of transportation.”

The funny thing about the complaints about cycling infrastructure is that the same motorists who whine that we should get in the bike lane are opposed to building them.

The same ones who complain about “being forced to cycle” want to force everyone to drive.

The same people who complain about too much traffic and high gas prices complain about those who don’t contribute to these things.

And, I am still waiting, for the guy who got the last parking spot in a lot to thank me, while I lock my bike, for keeping that spot open for him.


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