Tale of the Shopping Cart

As I talked about in my post on my commute, after the nasty merges on Fairmount Street Hill, there’s actually a nice biking path that takes me over what would be a painful merge.

The other day when I crossed over, I saw this:

Shopping Cart blocking bike lane

A homeless person, innocently forgot it...

This is hard to see in the photo, but this comes out of no where if you are going down the hill because the path is obscured by shrubs.

No problem, people make mistakes. They didn’t place this in the perfect spot for someone to run into it.

This wasn’t too bad for me, either, because I ride really slow. I’d be more in trouble had I been a racer.

Still, I dumped it down a hill. This was a bit tough because many parts of the hill would have put this in the road. I finally found a spot where it would rest, safe, away from cars and bicyles alike.

The next day, while going down the hill, what did I see?

Shopping Cart in the bike path again

Is this deliberate? Not really sure...

The shopping cart was in exactly the same spot.

At this point, I got really pissed off, and I dumped the shopping cart over a fence where it rests to this very day.

Still, I am a bit bemused to think that this was a plot to hurt cyclists. If it was, it was very weak and lame.

I don’t really think so, but people who are less fanatical about cycling say that it looks like it is.

Still, if this is the most exciting part of my commute, my life is good. 🙂





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