Just for Motorists: Part II Double Blind

Once again, I’d like to speak to the motorists only.

This should be easy for the car free cyclist because you are used to being shafted. 🙂

This post started with something a bit more artistic.

The most shocking thing about the transportation industry, the one thing that I’ll probably never make peace with is how getting into a car turns my nicest friends into the most callous and sometimes even cruel people.

I don’t blame the people at all because I feel that they are having normal reactions to their environment.

However, I thought it might be fun to try to dispesrse some of the alienation that comes with motoring with the art (and alienation) of digitally photographed candid shots. Let’s face it, who looks good in candid photos especially in uncontrolled lighting, crappy equipment, and a total newb photographer?

To my consternation, however, I found that I could barely see the people I was photographing! Tinted windows don’t help nor do the high speeds.

This started me thinking of another thread that I have which is aggressive yielding.

The purpose of agressive yielding is, of course, selfish. It is to generate some form of internal calm especially for the scofflaw motorists. Again, it’s not like the motorists are doing anything deliberately wrong. I learned this when I saw a two minute video of cars crashing into trains over and over again. If motorists can’t see a train complete with tracks which never move, how can they see me?

However, like everything else in this world, even agressive yielding does not bring perfect calm.

This is because motorists, too, like to agressively yield.

There are many reasons that this is infuriating, but the biggest one is WE CAN’T SEE YOUR FACE!

Yes, I can see your giant truck. It’s beautiful especially the badass, “No Fear” sticker on the back. I love the skulls drawings, too.

However, if I yield by stopping at the light and gesturing wildly while smiling, please go.

I do appreciate the courtesy stop. This shows that your kind mind has not yet been mastered by the temptations toward nastiness that motoring offers you. Congrats. I acknowledge your awesomeness here, but not on the road.

This is because I CAN’T SEE YOUR FACE. This is doubly true if you spent extra time and money to tint your windows.

If you do all this, I can’t see your face. I can only see some gesturing which might be flipping me off, it might be texting, it might mean mastrubation, it might mean you are gestruring for _me_ to go.

But I yielded first.

Also, sometimes, we stop for a reason, such as traffic you can’t see. So trust us cyclists, please.

Sometimes we only have a limited time to get through the light so your RISKING MY ASS by trying to be a nice person.

So do the right thing, and if I try to make eye contact, through that big black barrier that you have erected between yourself and the rest of the world, and you see me stopped and gesturing, just go.




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