Just for Motorists: Part I

This is part one of a one part series. 🙂

If you don’t have a car, you can stop reading now. I’ll wait.

OK, now that it’s just motorists, I just wanted to give a few tips when driving around cyclists.

First of all there are motorists who feel that “cyclists belong on the sidewalk.”

Actually, sidewalks are for pedestrians.

Cyclists belong on separated bicycle paths and cycle-tracks. But San Diego doesn’t have any.

So it’s NOT helpful to tell me to do things that are either dangerous (sidewalk riding) or not possible (get off the road).

Still, if you do think that cyclists don’t belong on the road, and if you do think that jokes about killing cyclists are funny then just do it. Don’t hesitate. Just kill me. It would be better that then spending eternity hearing the same weak jokes about “glad I didn’t kill you.”

Seecond, if you don’t want to kill a cyclist then don’t panic. Just treat us like a slow movie semi-truck, hauling around two car loads of live ammunition escorted in the front and back by a swat team.

Almost forgot to mention, the truck is driven by your grandmother and it has your kids in car seats next to her.

If you’d put your car inches away from a massive explosive truck driven by close family then do the same to me.

If you’d slow the fuck down around such a thing then show me the same courtesy. Good manners requires that we treat the weakest the same as we’d treat the strongest.

That’s why the only person I’d verbally confront and challenge on the road is the biggest baddest guy. If I won’t say it to him, I shouldn’t say shit to anyone. Otherwise, I’m being a bully.

This cuts both ways.


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