Everyone’s Gone To War

Now is the best time to ride a bicycle in San Diego ever!

And things are only going to get better!

I don’t need to enumerate all the successes; they have been told of in other places. It’s enough to say that this year things have been going better than ever for cycling in this “Finest City.” 🙂

This goes along with what a good friend of mine, Moses, said about cycling advocacy, that we shouldn’t have to argue with VC people anymore. This is because he thought that their ideas were going out of fashion.

Thanks to last week, this is totally true!

Thus, we can retire our animosity toward the Juans, Arnis, Jesses nor Kadris of the advocacy world. These people have either retired or have been retired from their positions and now can only fling shit at the rest of us from the sidelines. Well, if that’s what they want to do, I think that they should be allowed to do so. I’d proudly stand by and take it if it means that they still retain their identity as advocates while having no means to make things worse in the real world.

Which leads us to the video where people throw food at Nerina Pallot:

“And so, everybody’s going to war
But we don’t know what we’re fighting for
Don’t tell me it’s a worthy cause
No cause could be so worthy”

These people, instead of fighting, I think that we should thank. This is because one often defines oneself in relation to what one is not. And the twisted and contradictory ideas of VC are definitely what we were up against.

They’d pretend that everything was perfect for cycling in San Diego then whine about how unfair it is to schedule a VC demo which takes us up the measly hill of Texas Street. This street parallels the 163 and the 15 which are much easier inclines, but illegal for cycling. This is Juan’s legacy, and he should be proud of it, and proud to show us how awesome it is in a real live demo. Instead, he just festers in his home in Lime Copse. 🙂

Which is fine. I totally get the whole loving your enemies thing especially when they can’t hurt you. The more we hate, the more we waste time on trivialities. Also, the anger just isn’t cool after a while. Still the jokes and cheap shots were and will continue to be fun. So we really just want to have our cake and eat it, too.

With the pro-cycling people in a ascendancy, I think we should focus on the positive and on riding in the real world. Thus, I will try to write more about rainbows and toes in the sand while the waves laps against our bare feet and less about the idiot adherence to an outdated belief system.


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