Dialog w/ Angry Motorist

If you get to have one:

You: Hello, nice to meet you, I am Fred, what is your name?

(If they choose not to talk to you.)

You: Why did you choose to open a dialog it you won’t even introduce yourself?

(If they shake your hand and introduce themselves.)

You: Would you like to pull over now or would you like to take my email address and arrange to meet latter?

(If they say yes, meet them. Listen to what they have to say, and respond with respect and logic. If you were wrong apologize. Let them know what the law is.)

(If they say “no” then ask them

You: Why were you so eager to open a dialog with you if they didn’t feel like following up on it?

If you feel the least bit uncomfortable tell them to pull over and to wait for the police.

If they flee then get their license plate and report and “erratic” driver. If there were children let them know.

Remember to speak clearly and calmly at all times.


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