Signs of a Quisling Advocate

Bike Path Blocked by Automobiles

Quisling Parking: They bitch to get off the road then the block bike paths with their cars...

All this talk of Quisling Hood isn’t meant to be a downer, but rather and upper.

For one thing, the Forces of Darkness are receding faster than their hairlines, and the younger generation is putting on a much better showing in terms of advocacy.

However, things are not yet perfect or even good enough to recommend cycling to anyone who doesn’t bleed green, is not a dare devil athlete, or is bike loving like me.

Thus, we should still know thy enemy.

How do we separate the Quisling cyclists from the real ones?

As the good book says, “You will recognize them by their fruits…” and Quislings are quite fruity. 🙂

I find that the Quisling are recognized by the following fruits (or signs):

The first sign is “motoring” which is the primary way that Quislings get around. If pressed on the matter, they make all sorts of excuses which are OK just like Ford workers driving around in Toyotas.

The second sign is “microscope” which is what Quislings put each piece of legislation, only, that will help cyclists. As I said before, there’s not a bike path they hate nor a closed off, car only freeway that they don’t love.

Finally, they are bossy, again to cyclists only. They write posts which ask us to be “considerate” as if we are children or something. Note, that we don’t tell people who are above us to be “considerate”. Actually, we don’t order about anyone who’s not a child or a subordinate.

If you run into someone who displays one or all of these signs bike–don’t walk–away.

They will pretend to be your friend, pretend to like you then when your back is turned, they will knife you in the back, and you’ll be cold and alone, riding along side of a highway–but not freeway because they oppose freeway riding, too.

Don’t argue with a Quisling because they are total time-wasters.

Cyclist on a bridge

Rare sighting: Another Cyclist Riding on Bridge over Fairmount

The end.


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