Safety Sickness

Cars in City Heights

There are 4 people who are making big mistakes, can you find them all?


I know that I post, ad nauseum, about how much I hate safety.

This is true to a degree, but it doesn’t tell the whole story.

It’s not that I don’t care about safety at all.

In fact, I consider myself a bit OCD when it comes to safety; I just try not to be annoying about it.

I know that I am NOT the safest rider on the road, but I am one of the most paranoid, I have ever seen.

For example, I NEVER take a turn if I can’t see around the corner. I never ride past an alley without slowing down, and craning my neck to see ahead. I look both ways on the _sidewalk_ just in case there’s someone walking. This is something I almost never see anyone do, and they are always shocked when they see someone (me) actually walking on a sidewalk. I guess they thought it was part of the expressway or something.

I do sidewalk salmon, but I stop at each intersection and look all four ways then go very slowly. Usually, I’ll walk my bike across the street.

In fact, last time, I got hit by a car, I was at a particularly dangerous intersection so I stopped, dismounted, and pressed the button. When I had the light, I was walking in the crosswalk, slowly, and I got pegged by a car who turned into the crosswalk without even looking at all.

When I ride, I often peek inside people’s cars to see what their up to. Often they are looking down as if they are sitting in a couch or something.

So I’m super duper safe, but I get harassed by kind, well meaning people because I don’t wear a helmet.

Give me a break.

Helmets protect you as much from getting killed as putting toilet paper on a seat protects you from disease.

Let’s wake up. Just because someone has statistics doesn’t mean that he’s telling you an acurate story to go along with those numbers.

Just because someone uses scientific sounding terms doesn’t mean that he’s not full of shit.

And sometimes, the lazy me would argue often, it actually is better to do nothing at all than to do _something_.

Bulldozer made ramp from sand

I can't work this photo into a blog post, but I'm posting it here because it's really cool.


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