Bicycle Dating For Men II

Where to meet them?

First here are some places NOT to meet them: work (never date anyone at work) or the street (don’t harass women on the street) or biking events (usually women go to these to ride their bike, duh, and not to be hit on otherwise they’d go to a meat market).

In fact, if you go out to explicitly meet women, usually you’ll have a kind of creepy and/or needy vibe which is the biggest turn off besides being a child molester.

Go to meetups singles and otherwise, and talk to everyone of both sexes and all ages. The idea isn’t to “hookup”, but rather to learn more about the rainbow of humanity.

Eventually, you should ask for people’s phone numbers if they are interesting enough, and if you have enough rapport. You could tell them you want to “continue the conversation” or you could find a specific activity that you both enjoy.

Again, don’t talk about the bicycle too much, and only if it comes up naturally. After a while, people will like you for who you are and they will accept your cycling as part of your original, likable self.


4 Responses to “Bicycle Dating For Men II”

  1. troll Says:

    what are you some kind of fucking expert??!!??

    • Fred Says:

      Not at all.

      I think I said this in the first post of this series.

      The fact that I’m not an expert, but am still happy proves my original point.

  2. Fred Says:

    Besides making dudes happy there was also a few hidden agendas to help the ladies here, but I’ll leave that as an exercise to the reader. 🙂

  3. Fred Says:

    I don’t know what “too crowded to meet anyone” means. If you are good at meeting people, you can meet them almost anywhere. People go to meetups to meet people so you should do that. If you are having problems, you are probably either not trying at all–that is not starting conversations–or trying too hard–pushing for something in way that seems desperate.

    Also, there are plenty of other places to meet people. You should meet people on group rides–which are sometimes meetups–but please, people stop hovering around the ladies–it’s annoying and will not lead to where you think it will lead.

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