The Booze Delusion

Recently, there was a collision where yet another motorist killed a cyclist in a collision:

“Police said the driver of the SUV was not under the influence but somehow lost control of the vehicle.”

I thought this was quite odd because the biggest cause of motor vehicle deaths are attributed to speed not alcohol.

I really believe it’s good that MADD tries to get drunks off the road, but they have inadvertently helped to cement the myth in people’s minds that if we don’t drink and drive then motoring is quite safe.

In the previous case where a motorist took the lane–bike lane that is–and turned their vehicle into a flaming pile, the motorist was speeding.

Also, there was this stupid study:

“Children ‘less likely to be injured’ in a car crash when their grandparents – not their parents – are driving”

I thought this was stupid because researchers had no idea _why_ children were safer with grandparents. Don’t they realize that older people tend to drive slower?

They didn’t compare the number of collisions in the data, which I think should be another piece of information. It’s obvious that in a crash, the slower you are driving the less injured you will be. This should be totally obvious.

Personally, none of this bothers me. I realize that people speed both because they are in a hurry and because it’s fun. I recall driving with some guy in my small, hometown who had a sports car, and he took us up to 100. That was really fun.

[Disclaimer: I’m not advocating for breaking the law, and I never broke the law. Ever. I’m just saying that people do these things.]

Despite the fact that collisions happen, I think that motoring is both safe and fun.

I was also to see that they didn’t mention a helmet in the story which is awesome. Also, they didn’t even blame the cyclist which was probably because he wasn’t on the road. So overall, this was a step in the right direction.

“Cyclists said the spot where Venuto was hit is probably the least dangerous because at that spot, the bike path is separated from the freeway by 30 to 40 feet of an embankment.”

This touched a sore spot with me because I’d like to ride on the freeway as is, and I hope that this doesn’t stop that. There’s a government official who likes cycling and wants to make my dream of riding my bicycle on the 8, legally, a priority.

I did agree that these kinds of things are rare, but I was a bit sad that the cyclists didn’t come to the motorist’s defense and ask not only about their own safety, but also the motorists. What’s being done to make the drivers safer? Should they wear helmets? It seems like they can’t keep their vehicles on the road. I guess it’s really hard. I don’t drive much, and when I do, I do feel like it’s quite difficult, and I’m always grateful to have gotten there safely.

Finally, I got a chuckle out of the mean people’s comments who didn’t think that there was any benefit to cycling or at least they couldn’t see an immediate benefit to themselves so they thought it should be defunded.

This was funny because bicycling spending in San Diego is less than a dime per person per year. So if any San Diegan has any problems with “their money” (sic) wasted on cycling, let me know, and we’ll meet up and I’ll give you back your dime. 🙂


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