Tolerance of Others

Today, I took a ride down to the big box electronics store to buy new headphones.

Outside was a man with petitions. I usually sign all of them so I asked to read them.

I have no clue why people get a bit agitated when I want to read the petition. I take the whole thing very seriously. Why would I sign something unless I’m sure I agree with it?

I think I found the answer and it makes me sad. I think that this is because people have no idea that there are others who disagree with them. They think that if they like it then everyone must like it.

I find this to be baffling in the age of the internet where we have so much more access to other people’s points of view.

This reminds me of the VC arguments I wasted my time on last week.

The thing that I hated about the VC arguers was that they were totally disrespectful of those who disagreed with them.

I tend to think that people who differ in point of view are not evil, but rather just see things differently.

The VC people think that to disagree means to be misinformed and cowardly.

That’s, obviously, totally insulting.

Similarly, I disagreed with both petitions.

One was pension “reform” which really means making the people who all ready had pensions to have to renegotiate. I think it’s wrong to make people fight for money in a contract that they were all ready offered. My princess is an accountant, and I told the man this.

I didn’t get in an argument, I just told him that I thought there were lots of lies surrounding pensions as most people don’t even know what they are: deferred compensation. So to deny someone a salary is to deny them the salary that you originally offered them.

Usually this is known as stealing or fraud.

The other was union busting which I also disagreed with. Of course, it didn’t say that, it wanted to “level the playing field”. I could see why that would be appealing to many people who were raised to misunderstand the history of money.

I was upset about the bill because I feel that it’s going to force people to refight all their battles again. But I don’t think that the people who wrote it are evil just self-interested.

Still, it is hard not to demonize people I disagree with, but I am trying not to.





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