Wind on the Scales of a Sidewalk Salmon

My Wheel from my POV

What it looks like when I look down


I do realize that some of my past posts have been a bit argumentative or even negative.

I have been studying, in their native habitat, Quisling advocates in order to better understand their reasoning.

Of course, their native habitat is discussion forums. Oh, how my princess advises me against such a waste of time. I should rather ride my bicycle or even stare at a wall. I plan on doing both of these things more and ranting online less.

In order to stop the tide of negativity, I have decided that I need a mental list of things that make me happy. First is, of course, my princess. Second is my friends and the fact that I have two close friends I work with as well as many other friends on the streets. 🙂

This morning, what made me really happy was the wind on my skin while I cycled.

This morning was 100% perfect for cycling. It was overcast, but warm enough to wear shorts and sandals only.

When I get to the final hill that I have to climb, I made the right choice and I sidewalk salmoned all the way up.

For the uninitiated, salmoning means riding one’s bicycle against traffic. In the cycling world, this is considered to be naughty. To ride on the sidewalk, is also naughty. Thus, sidewalk salmoning is deliciously naughty squared. This, in addition to going shirtless, made the climb a delight.

Qualcomm Bike Path

Qualcomm Bike Path: A trail of my own


Sometimes I climb on the other side of the hill, but no matter how much I focus on feeling my body and skin the passing cars rattles me, enough, so that I find myself pedaling faster than I like.

I love to ride slowly up a hill and feel each muscle in my feet and legs moving. I can only do this when I go slowly.

So it is a perfect day thanks to good weather, a bicycle, and happy thoughts.


Sidewalk of Dreams

Sidewalk of Dreams: Where I Get that Magic Feeling


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