In Your Face AAA and CABO

Motorists in Cage

Motorists React to Three Foot Pass Law

This morning, my princess made me a happy man indeed. I mean, every morning when I wake up and find out that I am married to her, I’m a happy man.

However, this morning, she made me extra happy when, during our chat, she mentioned that the three foot passing law was passed.

Thus, the state government of California finally has shown some respect to all the cyclists of their state.

That’s right, buzzing is now more than bad manners, it’s officially illegal.

I was so overjoyed this morning that I rode to work on a cloud of bliss. I felt like shouting to every passing motorist:

“We did it! Three foot passing, mutha!”

My bliss could didn’t dissipate until i tried explaining the law to a fellow cyclist.

He asked me a series of well-meaning and intelligent questions such as:

“But how will they enforce it?”


“Does this include bike lanes because most bike lanes I ride on are in 50 MPH zones. Do cars need to slow down to 21 miles per hour to pass a cyclist riding at 6 MPH?”

Ug, I have no clue how this is going to be enforced.

In my heart of hearts, I know that this isn’t going to change much.

Still, it was nice to have one more lemon to have the bike haters suck on.

Plus, this is a great precedent to build on.

For one, the AAA said that the law is bad because there’s no previous law which requires a motorist to guess the speed of an object that they are passing. Well guess what triple A, now there is.

Now we can make as many laws requiring motorists to have a smidgen of common sense and good manners that we want to including those where they have to estimate what 15 MPH is.

I’d argue that if someone can NOT estimate 15 MPH, they probably shouldn’t be driving.

I’d also argue that if everyone had good manners and common sense, we wouldn’t need this law nor any other law.

I can see the AAA stance against the first murder laws.


“We could kill people before, so it hardly makes sense that we’d make such a fun thing illegal especially when our members do it all the time.”


I’m even more happy to get in the face of every member of CABO, who, rumor has it, is not pretending to be in favor of the law.

OK, I gotta go, I have some phone calls to make and some gloating to do.


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