Lately I have been watching Californication which I consider to be the best TV show ever because the male lead is not an asshole nor is he total pushover.

I do NOT consider him to be a role model in any way, but it is refreshing to see a male on TV who’s decisions I can relate to, someone who acts in a normal, sensible manner.

Perhaps since I was sick and watching so much TV, I have begun to feel that my life is more like a television show. Not because of what I do–I’ll always be a quiet, well mannered, nice guy–but because how I parse my experiences.

Last night, I saw the Uganda children’s choir which made me feel like I was at one of Portia’s charity events. Last weekend, in between being sick, I took a bicycle ride to find a nice cafe to write in.

These days I don’t write fiction anymore because I realized that, for me, it has a very low intrinsic reward. I started writing fiction to better deal with my own emotions.

These days, things are going well, so there’s no emotions to deal with. Well, there weren’t, but isn’t life a wonderful roller coaster of pain?

Anyway, with my muse back, I wanted to find a place to write.

During my ride, I rode down a street called Nile which I love. Other than being an amazing river in Africa which I long to see, someday, the Nile is the title of an early Pink Floyd song which is so rocking, it’s actually early metal.

Every time I ride down this street, I hear this song in my head. On the other hand, I always fear that since I don’t know the street, if I stay on it for too long, I’ll wind up at a dead end (NOT a cul-de-sac since few San Diegan streets have the canonical sac which makes a dead end a cul-de-sac). šŸ™‚

This time there was no fear because I was joy cycling.

Guess what I found? Yes, a dead end, which actually was, in this case, a real, live cul-de-sac.

The park was empty save for the single family there (not the obligatory SUV). It was a dad playing with his children, which I love to see.

Nile Park

Actual cul-de-sac Nile Park

After I climbed that hill, I went searching for more dead ends.

Here’s a big drop off. I can’t recall where. Note there’s no point in riding down here unless you want to ride back up!





Of course, I did waste my time riding down the big hill as it reminded me for some reason of Cuerna Vaca, MX:


Pointless dropoff which looks like Cuera Vaca

Pointless dropoff which looks like Cuera Vaca










Finally, I followed Juniper heading West. Again, I thought it was a pointless dead end that I’d have to climb back out of:


Juniper Canyon West Bound

Juniper Canyon West Bound


But I was wrong. I was kind of happy to have found a new, but pointless because of the huge hill, way to get from City Heights to South Park:

Juniper Canyon East Bound

Juniper Canyon East Bound

This is the other side looking back. I was so happy to see so much green and so many canyons.


Overall, it’s been a great, but surreal week. I’m going to spend more time trying to appreciate what I have. I’d like to break the annoying habit of fault finding that I often have. It’s fun to complain, but usually it’s a waste of time.


One Response to “Surreality”

  1. Sam Says:

    Uh…raising your voice in a song does NOT make a song metal. That shit still sounds like airy-fairy psychedelic crap. Not metal.

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