Too Busy to Ride

Back when I could stomach it, I was calling local reps on the phone in order to see their positions on cycling in order to see if I should support their re-election.

In every call, I asked them if they supported government’s involvement in cycling commuting. She was totally stunned so I had to ask her how she got to work. She had no idea what I was talking about.

I finally got her to admit that in fact she drove a car to work. Then I explained that cycling commuting was the same thing but with a bicycle instead of a car.

She had “too many meetings” so bicycling was “unrealistic for her.” I thought was strange because my call was about the government making cycling commuting feasible for the whole. I guess she thought I called her, a stranger, specifically to harass her to cycle. I guess for some people it’s all about them. 🙂

This got me thinking about how much more stuff I would get done if I had a bicycle.

I bet I’d be so more productive going to more stores, buying more things, and getting more exercise.

I usually don’t like to do this because I am trying to cut down on talking about my boring life just like a smoker tries to cut down on ciggies.

Here’s my weekend:

Friday: Right from work ride to bike shop. This is a cheat b/c I got a ride, but I did bring my bicycle.

Get bike fixed at show which is reason I got a ride.

Meet my wife and eat from Gastro-truck which was the best burger I ever had. Thanks, princess.

Walk to friend’s house.

Walk to grocery store buy stuff.

Walk back to friend’s house where we prepare dinner.

Eat and sleep at their place.


Get up and go to restaurant with my love.

Ride home and sleep. Get a call from friend.

Go ride to naked ride. Miss it.

Wonderful ride along harbor.

Beach and surfing.

Ride home.

Hang out with wife.


Get up and to to restuarant. Go to coffee shop and write.

Ride to Lips where we see cool drag show at friend’s birthday.

Ride home and nap.

Ride to pool. Swim. Drink with friend in her hotel room while we watch basketball on tv and listen to rap.

Ride to another friend’s group home.

Meet two people there who go on a short bike ride with me.

Show up at Dave’s, the beer dude’s, house. Bottle beer while sampling some strange ales like a stout with cherry and chocolate. Also, had a sorghum beer among other things.

Talk to Dave and his GF about poetry and beer.

Ride home and hang with wife.

Sweet dreams.

Yeah, if I had a car, I’d probably do double the things including going on more bike rides. 🙂


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