Persecutated Complexion

I really, really don’t like to play the victim nor to complain at all.

I do think that the word “persecution” is totally over-used, but if you start to see a pattern where anything that’s legal but when a bicycle is added magically becomes illegal. Also, it’s persecution when the police start targeting a certain group by actually making up laws then giving out warnings and tickets for them.

One example, is listening to music. It’s known the distractions are distractions, but because cell phones are new, we focus on them instead of realizing that normal conversations of drivers with passengers or listening to the radio can be just as distracting to a motorist.

Motorists have another problem which is reduced hearing. One thing that makes cycling so safe is that we can hear much better than a motorist. Add headphones, and we are about the same as a motorist with his radio off and no conversations, cell or otherwise. But wearing headphones is illegal, but car radios are not.


It has zero to do with safety, it’s because banning car radios is politically not feasible while targeting cyclists for headphones is. All of a sudden public officials have become experts in traffic safety.

Which is kind of funny because the vast majority of accidents, there is nothing being done. It’s almost a constant that speed kills, and wide roads with few stops promotes speed and these things are continuing to be made. People continue to brag about speeding which kills more people than drunk driving. Imagine people publicly stated how “shit faced” they are all the time and they drive drunk.

So instead of the crackdown on people who kill, there’s the continual focus on things that don’t matter, but somehow bother a small section of our society who are clearly mentally ill and ought not be denied the medical help they need.

Here’s and example.

A ticket was given for wearing a skirt while cycling because it was “distracting” to motorists.

Obviously by this logic all billboards should be banned. Also, all pedestrians should also be put to this same standard which means instituting head to toe covering for women as their beautiful faces can also be distracting.

I’d argue that any motorist who lacks to emotional maturity to keep his shit together and to realize that his and other’s safety is more important than a tiny bit of visual stimulus from a women that he’s never going to meet anyway, should lose his license.

But if we did that then we wouldn’t have a double standard anymore.

Finally, I’d like to note that the entire city of Copenhagen dresses exactly like this woman did. In fact, she wasn’t really that racy at all.

For men who completely lose control over their entire body when there’s a beautiful woman around here’s some advice:

1. Don’t look. Do the guy test. If she were a guy would you stare? Would you say things to a guy? If not, don’t do it.

2. Realize that she’s not interested in you and won’t have sex with you. So whatever you do will be as effective and frustrating as banging your head on the wall. Also, note that if you really are interested, whatever you do, from your car, is probably going to further turn her off. So if you are a dreamer, and hope for a chance with her later, don’t do anything.

If you have trouble with #1 and #2 read on. Otherwise, you are cured.

3. Internet porn. Until you are sore. Wash rinse and repeat. Every man has his limits. Find yours. At home. Alone. Don’t bother the ladies.

4. Get a girlfriend. Seriously. This is a whole other thread, but if you are still hard up, you need one badly.

5. Meditation. If all the above failed, this probably will, too, but I thought you should give it a try. You seriously need to train your mind in order that you are not a slave to it anymore. Meditation can do this, but you have to want help.

6. Counseling. You need a licensed professional. I used to joke that sex addiction doesn’t exist, but it does. Get help before you go to jail.

7. Chemical castration. Hey, this is controversial, but I think that this is a last ditch effort at civilization.


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