Mindfulness of Bicycle

One way of improving my bicycling experience either when I feel sad or when I am in a noisy and smelly shoulder is through meditation.

One of my favorite styles is Mindfulness of the Body.

I combine this with setting my sights on a distant point like a piece of garbage on the road. Obviously, do this at your own caution. If I am riding in a door zone then the next door that could hit me is obviously my object for sight.

At the same time, I focus on the subjective feeling of the parts of my body.

I used to start at the crown of my head, but now I start with my feet.

I find that the first effect of this is for me to enjoy myself more because cycling, especially in Southern California is naturally enjoyable.

Next, I become concentrated. Again, this is a good feeling.

Additionally, I begin to realize how my riding style is hurting me. For example, I tend to put a lot of pressure on my palms. Once my awareness reaches this, I sit up and put less pressure there.

Often my back hurts, and this mindfulness makes me realize that so that I can change my position and to feel better.

Finally, the noise and the smell does not disappear, but it fades to the background.

Additionally, my personal problems and internal critic are muted as I focus only on the sweet sensations of riding my bicycle.


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