Do It Yourself?

I have always had a problem with the phrase “do it yourselfer”, and today I finally figured out why.

I guess that’s because I really, really like doing things myself, probably because I have a lot of pride.

Over the years, I have suffered a lot with poorly working bicycles and nights I wanted to write my award winning novel–still not written–instead of slaving over my bike.

Also, as I said before, I was impatient and unwilling to spend the money for the proper parts and tools all the time.

Looking back, it’s a recipe for disaster.

But as I said, I am semi-competent in keeping my own two wheels on the road thanks to some special people who helped me.

Still, there’s this stigma against those of us who do _anything_ on our own. I think this is partially created by “professionals” who, of course, want us to pay them every time something goes wrong on our bicycles.

Now, I love my mechanic, but sometimes, on the road, we need to know how to fix things ourselves.

Thus, I don’t think that there’s a big divide between those who want to fix things themselves and those who go to a shop because we do both.

I love get my bike fixed at a shop when I ride it, and it is way smoother than I could ever make it. I love knowing everything is just right.

Still, for me, there’s nothing like that sense of accomplishment such as when I adjusted my front derailler just so.

Also, since San Diego is so spread out, it’s literally miles between public trans options, sometimes, and even more miles to the nearest bike shop. Thus, unless I want to take a hike, I need to carry a few tools, and have some basic proficiency in using them.

In the future, I’ll share the little I know.


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