Kopenhavn XI: Tivoli

I’m getting sick of my shadowboxing, argument posts so I’ll post some more memories of my wonderful trip.

We were last seen on the fortified castle.

As I crossed the moat, I thought, “there really was a time when a small swimming pool was enough to deter the military. Wow!”

Once on the island, the whole “compound” was smaller than I thought. The castle was beautiful and amazing, but I also thought that if I felt like I needed this to protect me, I certainly would have realized that I made a wrong turn somewhere in my life. Yuck!

Cecilia negotiated with the people in order to get us in the castle, but it turned out to be far too many Kroners, and not enough fun to be worthwhile.

So we had to figure out what to do next.

Nobody really knew what they wanted to do.

I normally would have expressed my idea, but the NYC couple only had a single day left so I deferred to them.

We finally figured out what to do and once again broke off into two groups: the bicycle group (me here!) and the bus crew (everyone else).

We rode to Tivoli which is a really, really old theme park.

Underneath the gaudy exterior is a beautiful old style park. The decorations are standard for theme parks with things like giant eggs (it was soon Easter) and so on.

There were even jungle noises in the bathroom. Only later did we realize that the whooping when you make a big one is not pre-programmed. We knew this because through Cecilia, of course, we met the art designer of Tivoli. So overall, the decorations of Tivoli were awesome. 🙂

In Tivoli, we had a traditional theme park time where we walked as couples, awkwardly like on first dates or something.

I did manage to swing some coffee ice cream which was great.

Otherwise, my princess and I, as huge intellectuals, didn’t really feel the need to engage in much of the park. It was more like anthropology (the field not the store).

Until, of course, the swings.

The swing set is a large spire that can be seen from far away from Tivoli. It’s like the Space Needle of Seattle (which doesn’t actually shoot you into space or anything). 🙂

For a few kroners, they will strap you into a swing. Actually you strap yourself in. The wires which hold the whole thing up have links that look like reinforced paper clips. The bars are cheap aluminum tubes.

I’m guessing that the shoddy workmanship is deliberate to make a routine ride insanely scary. All I could think of as we were brought up over the city was the links breaking. Well, I guess it was time to die.

Then they spun us which shouldn’t have been surprising, but I wasn’t paying attention. I immediately grasped my glasses.

So there I was with a perfect 360 degree view of Kopenhavn, and all I could do is hold my glasses and pray for the stupid thing to get my down before the wires broke.

Of course, I survived as did NYC couple who got me into this whole mess.

The rest of the day was an exercise in gratitude for still being alive.


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