My Commute IX

After the cul-de-sac, I pass the only legitimate reason for a motorized vehicle to be on this road which is to go to the petrol storage facility.

I am careful here because there are often huge oil tankers exiting. Like I said before, they are usually great and kind drivers, but I prefer to yield to them right away because they are faster, and it’s the polite thing to do.

Now it’s a slight climb on a crumbly shoulder, but you can take more of the lane here because, like I said, it’s low traffic.

This road goes for a quarter mile or so until we get to a threeway stop. Here it’s a bit confusing.

There’s traffic that gets priority to go to the 15. Usually, there’s not too much, but I can imagine it being a long, long wait to go straight during rush hour because “Oncoming traffic does not stop.”

Except when it does which is slightly annoying, though people are trying to be nice, because it’s hard to be sure. Also, they are faster, and I’m polite, too.

So I try to pay attention to see if someone’s waiting for me.

Sometimes, I get impatient, and I do a bad thing which is to salmon in the bike lane on the opposite side. This is because nobody would make a turn to hook me.

Except when they do.

On the other side of the threeway, there’s a golf course and traffic for that “Does Not Stop” either. Usually, it’s easy to see the golfers because they are riding in the gutter because I guess a turn is that much faster, even in a single lane of traffic if you rub your tire against the curb. 🙂

Usually, it’s not too bad going up this street except when there’s a golfer leaving golf. For some reason they always surprise me. I try to keep aware of traffic behind me, but since the street is so little traveled in this direction, it feels almost pointless.

The other day, though, a car came out of nowhere.

The next turn is a light. It’s usually not too bad. The only thing is to gear down before the left because it’s a rough climb.

This area has a super neat lawn for the big box stores that I ride by both on the right: Walmart, Petsmart, Albertson’s and the left: Fry’s.

For some reason, the big box store traffic is well behaved on this street, and it has a shoulder.

At this point, I can really start to hear the soft rumble of the 15, and it’s relaxing. On a good day, I’ll let my mind rest of the sound.

Next I reach an area that is heaven by suburban standards, but to me is awful. It’s a semi-gated community with green, but it abuts the freeway. There are large sidewalks, but there’s little to do save for walk to the big box stores which sucks because there are no back ways. I really don’t want to be a whiner here, but I guess different people have differing preferences. I’m just shocked that people live here at all let alone pay the rents they must charge.

But they do have a nice park which I can do merengue in during lunch.

Dancing in the park anyone? 🙂


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