My Commute VII

I know it’s been a while, but I’m going to finish this thread one day.

OK, I just crossed over a four lane road with two way traffic.

I ride past the trolley stop and an apartment complex.

The apartment complex doesn’t look so nice and isn’t really in a nice area, but from google maps, it appears to be very nice with a private pool.

Though, I said, I could breath a sigh or relief, I still have to watch out for cars backing out on the left, parallel parkers on the right, and people pulling out from two more driveways from the apartment complex. Oh, and the 24 Hour Fitness Parking Lot on the left. Really, it’s a lot calmer than it sounds.

Then I go underneath an overpass, and I make it to Qualcomm stadium.

From now on, it will not be downhill anymore: it’s flat here, and then uphill for the rest of the trip.

The first part of the path often floods when it rains. Usually, though this is the first part to get cleaned out because sometimes they open part of the bicycle “trail” for automobiles to drive into the stadium parking lot.

To keep up with the trail, you need to stay on the right side because otherwise, you could go right past it into the gigantic parking lot.

Otherwise, you end up on the bike trail proper which is much narrower. On the right is a stream or tributary, but it sometimes dries up. Some days, though it smells salty so I feel like I’m riding near the ocean even though I’m actually many blocks away.


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