Kopenhavn IX: A Bike of My Own

After breakfast, we headed outside where we were going to do some last minute touristing for the New Yorkers.

Since I was mainly there to see cycling, which I saw, and to ride bicycles which was going to happen, I was content to do anything. I really just wanted to spend time with Cecilia and her SO. I _would_ really have liked to see Hannah more, too, but that was not to be. Next time.

Once outside, Karina, one of the New Yorkers, wanted to take the bus instead of ride a bicycle again.

I was so excited! Now I would have a bicycle!

And I did.

It was a pink girls three speed with a really solid basket. I suggested to my SO that she get a basket just like it.

The bicycle was largely rusted and it felt like it weighed a hundred pounds. The handle bars were really short and dorky because it was stolen and this is the modification that the thief had made.

A thief with bad taste, imagine that.

The best thing about the bicycle was the internal lock which pretty much all bicycles (and none in the US have). I have no idea why we don’t explore this innovation in here. I know that it’s not a permanent solution, but it is great for many cases.

The lock helped Cecilia get the bicycle back.

She saw the bike in a park, and she bravely approached the rider and asking to try her key to the lock. When it fit, she asked for it back. She got it back without a struggle.

Stories like these make me like our friends even more!

Even before we got started, I rode back and forth behind the three story apartment building in the cute courtyard which was almost completely filled by a line of bicycles.

Beyond the courtyard, the neighbors had their laundry out to dry. Yet another sensible thing we almost never see in the US.

The sun was out and there was a light breeze. It wasn’t too hot nor too cold just like a typical day in San Diego.

Perfect day for riding.


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