Bike To Work (Not)

The premise of this blog is to combine happiness and bicycling, but I sometimes fall short of this promise.

Today, I’m going to continue in that tradition.

One might be surprised as a life long bicycle commuter that I am not enthused about Bike to Work Day.


Let me count the ways.

First of all, the whole notion of making this into a red letter day, to me is silly as it continues the stereotype that cycling to work is a fringe, niche activity taken up only by lunatic daredevils.

In order to discover if I find something offensive, one merely needs to search and replace bicycle with automobile.

Now we have Motor to Work Day.

Imagine riding in a Hummer to work!

What a novelty to have everything catered to for once.

What a great day where one can ride, in comfort and relative quiet–you’re making the noise so much outside with it.

Imagine going to everyone you know and bragging that you actually drove to work not unlike Dale Earnhardt.

Would anyone care of be impressed?


Would they think you are special?

Not in the good sense of the word.

They might wonder why you are going on and on about it.

This is exactly how I see people who rave about Bike to Work Day.

Also, I think that in a city like San Diego, Bike to Work Day is totally irresponsible because the streets are very dangerous in places.

Yes, I love my commute, people are nice, blah, blah, blah.

That’s me.

Yesterday, when riding to a pizza shop, I was on College Ave, and I suddenly got my Europe Flu: nostalgia for a few weeks ago of glory where I could bicycle in a place where _someone_ in the city thought of me.

On College Ave, I felt like a daredevil idiot.

There’s zero space on the road for someone. I’m not going to ride like an asshole and take the lane. That sucks for me and it sucks for the cars.

Bicycles, by their nature, are slower than cars, and I don’t like to be rushed. I bicycle _slow_ because it feels good.

I don’t like being dictated how to ride.

This is exactly what the VC people have done in the 30 years of anti-bicycle propaganda.

So I’ll say it here, if you want to bike to work, do it. I’m not going to tell someone how to live their lives.

But I really caution for one for what one is getting into.

The city of San Diego hates cyclists. The drivers are nice, but the government sucks regarding cycling infrastructure because they never built any.

So if you want to Bike to Work so you can feel good about yourself and brag about that single ride all year, do it.

It’s OK, we’re not laughing at you, we’re laughing with you.

And if someone mentions green house gas emissions, I’m going to gag. 🙂


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