Kopenhavn VI: Meeting People

One of my favorite things to do is to meet people and this day was no exception.

Of the people I met, Mikel was one of the most out going. He talked to me as we walked back to the apartment.

He was an Americano-phile of which a lot of Danes apparently are. US cyclists love them; they love us. Sounds like a happy family.

Mikel talked about the fact that few Danes were early adopters of new technology which I thought was a good thing because it showed contentment, but because Denmark is such a small market, it was tough to get products with good Danish support.

From my own work, I know that this is true as Danish is not part of our original languages to translate the software into. Even Dutch would have been neglected except that one salesperson wants it.

We can’t neglect our bicycle loving countries!

The walk back was not too chilly as I had worn lots of layers, but like many Danes, Mikel just shivered in his fine suit.

Finally, we got back to the apartment where we were treated to a superfine home cooked meal by Cecilia’s husband.

We could taste why she keeps him around.

From then on, we talked mostly about books as we found out that Cecilia’s guests from NYC were also into writing. We even barely dodged an argument about the Oxford comma which I have strong feelings about as a fellow maven would realize by going back and looking at my longer sentences. 🙂


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