Kopenhavn V: Outdoor Pub

Of course, only a few hours in to our trip with a few drinks in us all ready, we headed over to an outdoor pub.

While walking over there, we walked down even denser streets which had many food stands on them. Kopenhavn smelled of hotdogs! Delicious.

My SO noticed that it wasn’t a sea of blondes nor even a sea of whites, rather there were differing types of people most of whom were speaking in fluent Danish which added to the surreal feel.

In one of the narrow alleys I even saw a place to meditate. How wonderful.

Finally, we go to a large square which was paved all in stones. The adjoining streets were quiet.

It was as if, in the middle of a large square someone had set up tables and chairs. All of them were filled with Cecilia’s friends.

We sat down and met everyone, who were super-friendly. Then we started drinking again. I didn’t even see where the beers were coming from.

I was especially to see Hanja and her boyfriend who would soon ride motorcycles across South America.

We talked about their trip as well as their finishing their thesis on bicycles in the San Diego and Barcelona.

Time went really fast, of course, and people slowly started to leave.

In the meantime, of course, I had to pee.

The bathroom was the best ever.

There was a spiral maze made from metal. In the center was a trough. I love the trough! I made many trips there.

This was one of my highlights of the trip as I adore novel bathroom technology.


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