Kopenhaven IV: Cosy

Of course, the defining feature of the Danish apartments are bicycle racks. There were two very long racks, but still there were more bicycles than rack space so people parked their bicycles next to the rack using only their awesome internal lock.

I could see why I would NOT want my regular commuter to stand out in any way. If a thief is looking at a large array of similar bicycles, he’s going to go for the one which totally unlocked. If he is a lock picker, he’ll go for quality.

Speaking of quality, the Danes have a word for decorating their apartments which means cosy.

This is probably due to the fact that the winters are not only long, but dark for long periods of time as they are on par with Moscow.

The walls were covered with artistic family photos, cutting edge art some of which looked like street art inspired, and Americana. OK, the way I described it makes it seem incoherent, but trust me, it wasn’t.

The place was like a museum or show room from a fancy apartment. There were tons of books which is almost a prerequisite for getting close to me.

We sat and relaxed for a little bit then we were out again.


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