Kopenhaven III: Park Life

After my SO got back, all three of us started to walk towards Cecilia’s place.

There it was endless beauty. The buildings were monolithic, but not in the brick lump way, but more of a European style. I’m not good at describing things.

In addition to the large, lovely buildings, there were rectangular lakes which were part of the original fortifications which included a moat. I was in heaven to recall a time where it was actually a credible defense to did holes in the ground and fill then with water.

We walked through a park where we saw three graves of increasing importance: Hans Christian Andersen (writer), Søren Kierkegaard (Christian philosopher) and best of all Natasja Saad (singer).

The park was very green and quiet. I hunted for sprinklers and was laughed at. It was wonderful to have lawns that actually could sustain themselves as if they actually belonged there.

Next we went to a park which was themed on the Bermuda Triangle. We sat on a grassy knoll and drank some more while Cecilia talked about many things but most importantly we talked about cycling, psychology, and traffic systems.

A few beers later, and we staggered back to her apartment.


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