Cycling for Networking

Like all normal people, I find the whole notion of networking to be repugnant. It seems so manipulative to meet people only to use them for one’s own benefit.

On the other hand, like most other people, in order to get anything done in my actual life, I do need to meet people.

I got my job through a great friend that I met at a party. Another good friend, I met through a friend through a writing group. And so on.

So meeting people is great, but tactically trying to network sucks.

The way out is to meet in groups for people with shared interests.

Group bicycle rides are an excellent way to meet people.

I have said this for so long, it’s practically a cliche, but I love to see a shiny pickup truck full of dudes who are yelling at me and my friends on a group ride about why am I doing it?

One of my friends always says, “cancer”.

The funny thing is that these truck dudes are definitely looking to score. They pass by a horde of beautiful women on bicycles and all they can do is shout crude stuff.

The majority of my social life in San Diego has been through cycling. I think that group rides are also a great way for beginners to learn how to navigate the city.

For shy people, it’s great because you are doing something so you are not just trapped talking to someone or worse sitting alone. People are more approachable when it’s bicycle to bicycle.

I have even had a few nice chats while commuting to work or going home with someone I met while we rode the same way.


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