Parking Removal

The other day, I got a message that should have been titled: “Bike Lane Implementation” or “Sane Streets Are Here” or “Cyclists, San Diego Kinda Sorta Loves You Sometimes” or “Copenhagen is Here!”

Something positive, right?

Instead it reads: “PARKING SPACE REMOVAL NOTICE” in huge letters as if it’s the apocolypse or something.

Subtitle is “Limited Areas on Ruffin Road…” Blah. Blah. Blah.

It goes on to say “Bicycle Lane Improvement Project”. I should be thinking, “well finally.” But instead, I think.

They did it again.

The motorists managed to blame another one of their problems caused by too many people going to the same place which is limited by the laws of physics, the sizes of vehicles, and motorist’s own limited desire to walk any more than they need to, and they blame the whole thing in cyclists.

Basically, if you have any structure, you are limited by a circle around it for the amount of parking there is. You can do a few things to make it bigger. Make the spots smaller which is bad because it eliminates “freedom”. You could make the circle bigger, but people don’t want to walk. So what do you do?

Most of us would say that this is a problem that has no solution unless they do what I’d like and create, instead of a circle, but a parking lot _sphere_ around the building. Now the distance is the same, but people are going up and down to get to the building. I’m talking basement and roof top parking if we are going to do with without the coolness of anti-gravity and hovercars.

Oh, one other limitation that I forgot to mention is real estate costs. They are very high in Southern California, and yet parking should be free. How to reconcile this?

The usual method is to off load the whole thing to the “public” which means that we all pay the same at the restaurant tab no matter how much we eat.

If you have 10 cars, and parking if free then you get 10 spots for free. If you own no cars, well, you pay for the other person’s ten spots.

Do I have a problem with paying for parking for people whom I don’t know some of whom are taking up way more than their fair share?

No. Usually, I have no problem with any form of welfare or social program even if it helps motorists who are wealthier than me. I have no interest in checking up on the “entitlement” of free parking for freeloaders at all.

However, I think it would be nice to have bicycle lanes.

If this means creating them in the most sane place possible with minimal resource usage, I think that this is a rational decision.

Also, parking is, by law, in San Diego REQUIRED for all building occupants.

That means that if you build a high rise with 3000 units, you need to build at least 3000 parking spaces. I think I covered this before, but this is one of the many reasons why things are so huge here, so spaced out, and why walking is a bit more boring that it needs to be.


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