One of my favorite computer games, Nuclear War, now defunct from Sweden, had the notion of Outlaw.

For a small tax break, you would have Outlaw status which meant that the police would no longer protect you. You could be killed with impunity, but only by other Outlaws.

In many ways, bicycles are treated as Outlaws.

I definitely like this in many way because it’s highly cool to be an Outlaw.

On the other hand, bicyclists still have the police hassling us. For example, while riding behind a woman, I couldn’t tell what race she was, perhaps Mexican, the police harassed her for running the same stop sign that I had run.

Great way to ingratiate oneself to a neighborhood by harassing a minority and a female. Tough guy.

It’s not that I wanted to be harassed, but he just threatened her with a ticket and then drove away. I would rather just get a ticket rather than be yelled at because it seems so arbitrary and pointless. Plus, if we don’t get protection, why do we get bothered?

What does it mean that we don’t get protection?

Recently, a motorist in LA was jailed for trying to kill cyclists as any failed murdered should be.

However, in some cases, even of assault, the police didn’t bother to come. When given the eye witness account and information to follow up this crime, they did nothing.

So it seems they give more weight to one cyclist who runs a stop sign than to a potential homicidal truck driver.

Again, I can see us being Outlaws, but this must be consistent.

I’m not going to suggest that cyclists should commit crimes of any kind. We should not.

However, I think we should start giving a proportional response to crimes.


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