My Commute V

At this point, I breathe a small sigh of relief. Not of total relief, but just a small sigh. This is because there’s about half a mile of straight away now with a bicycle lane.

Spots like these are the reason why I actually _like_ riding through some spots in Mission Valley. Sometimes. It’s because when you are in a hurry, you can really go fast.

Am I in a hurry? Usually not, but it’s nice to have some time, uninterrupted, to think.

During this time, I usually look to my left and see a nature preserve–no joke. It’s fenced off and everything. Fancy.

On the other side of the four lane “road” is the Eight. Everyday, I look over there a bit wistfully wondering how safe and fast my commute would be if I could ride, from mesa to mesa, without going into the valley.

Now there are certain advantages to me climbing up hill “both ways”, but I think that you can’t blame a guy for wanting his life to be more comfortable. Not as comfortable as an auto, but a bit more than having to climb every day.

At any rate, the next part of my commute is relatively flat.

Even before, I get to the turn, I start looking back, behind me, to see if there’s anyone going to pass me.

This is one way of avoiding the right hook.

Most vehicles either pass me and make their turn ahead of me which is OK or they wait behind me, which is also OK.

Occasionally, there’s stacking, but not so often.

Next, I make a turn onto Ward Rd where I pass the filled parking lot of 24 Hour Fitness.


2 Responses to “My Commute V”

  1. ben Says:

    I think with more expensive gasoline coming our way that Fitness place will empty out and you will get more than a 1/2 mile of bike lanes…..where I live there is not only an absence of lanes, but also a very conventional mindset that would resist them forever…..or perhaps if i’m lucky i am wrong.

    • fredollinger Says:

      I have laughed to myself about 24 hour fitness quite a bit, but I was actually tired of that joke so I didn’t post it. Trying to keep it fresh!

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