Making Converts?

I know that a lot of people find this hard to believe, but while I practice bicycle advocacy, I do so in the same way that the Roman Empire, in its last days, fought battles: if you don’t keep expanding, you will shrink. Thus, I continue to expand bicyclists rights just so mine don’t get taken away. I don’t want to save the world or anything like that, and I definitely don’t try to convert people. In fact, when people copy me, I feel really strange which is why I’d probably make a terrible cult leader.

I recall the other day answering questions about my cycling habits to a co-worker, and later on, I overheard her telling someone else that I was “trying to get her to ride her bicycle to work.” I didn’t think that my assertion that my ride to work wasn’t “completely hellish, but in fact, kind of fun” is equivalent to “telling her to ride her bicycle to work” but I’ve been wrong before.

So let me straighten things out now, as a lover of all humanity, I love you whether you ride a bicycle or not. In fact, if you drive, and you are going my way, can I catch a ride? 🙂

However, there are many people out here who are getting a different message.

For example, I talked to a guy today who saw me ride. He asked, so I told him my commute, and he was a bit impressed. This is funny because each time people hear about the hills I have to do, I guess a bulb goes off in their heads and they realize that their own commutes would be cake because they always talk about how they could actually ride their bicycles to work.

Note that in all of this, I am mostly a passive observer. I answer questions honestly. But the only real contribution I have is my enthusiasm.

When they mention exercise, money saved, or the environment, I always let them know that it’s also fun.

Them: Even climbing Fairmount?

Me: I always have fun.


2 Responses to “Making Converts?”

  1. Aaron Garland Says:

    Don’t underestimate the power of your enthusiasm. Your encouragement often lifts my spirits.

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