Parking Rage

Last night, some of my wonderful friends had me and some other people over for pizza.

The pizza was amazing with not only homemade crust, but also a homemade white sauce. Plus it was Irish pizza with potato and meat that tasted like corned beef.


We watched a great movie called The Parking Lot Movie which detailed what happens if a parking lot is run by grad students.

The language in the movie was stunning not unlike Charlie Brooker, but with an American twist.

The thing that really stunned me about the movie was how angry most of the motorists were and also how cheap they were. Some would waste time over forty cents which to me is insane as I have that much on the bottom of my pannier. I bet if I crawled on the floor of my house, I could dig up forty cents quicker than the time the lady in the movie took to whine about how unfair it all was.

One of the characters in the movie said that he hated all motorists which I thought was totally unfair because I love motorists. In fact, many of my best friends are motorists, though I must admit, I wouldn’t want my daughter to marry one. Just joking, I can’t have a daughter. 🙂

Anyway, I thought about the whole notion of the angry driver, and I think that the situation is highly hilarious.

I used to be naive enough to think that cycling was all that was needed to make people happy, but that’s obviously not true because my SO informs me that there are plenty of angry cyclists out there, too.

Cycling does make me happy, I think. I wonder how my alternate universe self, who is a motorist, feels.

Anyway, I am of two minds about the angry motorist. On one hand, I like to believe that deep down, our true nature, as humans is radiant and beautiful. I know that this is controversial and may even seem horrible because I see ALL people as wonderful deep down inside and I disagree with the crazy notions of American horror where Evil is a real thing lurking inside of each of us. I see evil more as dirt that covers up our lovely diamond of a mind.

I keep hearing people argue for the deep seated evil which is brought up when people are allowed to cover their couches with glass, plastic, and steel and to move around really fast.

Apparently, when it comes time to store that couch, theirs a huge believe that this real estate should be free. I probably said this many times, but it freaks me out that people who think that poor people belong on the streets or worse feel entitled to free real estate for their machines. Kind of mean.

Also, I spoke to a friend, and a motorist, who echoed ideas of evil that comes out when motoring. In fact, she even admitted that she became evil, too, when driving, which made me really admire her on a whole new level. Honesty of that level is very rare.

So I have a conundrum. Should I believe my happy fantasy and see people as radiant and beautiful inside or should I realize the evidence of my senses and that we are all greedy, petty, mean, cold, and very hard deep down. Where forty cents is a cause for demeaning another person, destroying their property, and then fleeing at great risk to everyone else in the world as they speed off?

I don’t know.

For now, I’m going to cling to my happy dream.

My glasses are clear, the roses are implanted in my pupils.


2 Responses to “Parking Rage”

  1. Aaron Garland Says:

    God even struggles with this same conundrum loving us, but condemning us.

  2. fredollinger Says:

    Whenever I heard conundrum, I think of the BHG’s brilliant line:

    “I don’t care if getting under someone that’s
    Beneath you fits the m.o. of conundrum as
    You reckoned this was just a fancy word for rubbers”

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