Let Your Light Shine

There’s a terrible disease striking America and it affects the people I love the most, cyclists and slow fooders.

It’s based on BS advertising that’s out there to profit from you by making you life a crappier life so they can sell you things.

Their weapons are words–weasel words.

These aren’t ordinary words that describe things in the ordinary world, but rather constructions that pack in their own neurosis and judgment in order to trick and to manipulate you.

Don’t believe the hype. The antidote is available.

One of them is “elitist”.

In reality this word means nothing, but like Queer Nation, it’s a word I want to take back. I will own it.

Basically, it plays on the–usually–liberal tendency for leveling and equality. It tries to hijack well meaning humility to use against the humble.

When someone calls me an “elitist”, it’s just as if someone is called any other ignorant BS by a racist.

That is, as soon as I hear the word “elitist” I walk away and NEVER listen to that person at all. If I am reading, I toss the article away.


I _could_ sit and listen to the nonsense all day, but I choose not to just as I choose not to smash my own hands in a door. Because there’s no point, and it’s harmful to me.

Basically, this word doesn’t bother me because I am highly arrogant.

Thus I greet accusations such as “everyone live like that” and “you think you are better than everyone else” with sage nodding.

I know.

I _really_ love to hear that someone can’t possible live in So. Cal w/o out a car b/c I love to do the impossible.

Own your life.

Don’t apologize.

Don’t explain.

Don’t justify.

Don’t placate.

Just ride your bicycle and smile.


2 Responses to “Let Your Light Shine”

  1. Aaron Garland Says:

    I will take the “elitist” title. I always wanted to be the best at something.

  2. fredollinger Says:

    I so agree. When did being the best at something become a bad thing?

    Also, I missed the point in time when having a high self-esteem became undesirable. 🙂

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